All Responses to the Inspector Led Consultation August 2021

The Inspector initiated a consultation on the 9th August seeking views on the update to the National Planning Policy Framework, and on additional materials submitted by the Council and others at the request of the Inspector since the examination hearing sessions opened on the 11th May. Copies of the Inspectors letters can be viewed below:

Representations received during this consultation have been published on this page. In addition to the representations received the Inspector provided the Council an opportunity to respond to any of the points made, the Council's response to the representations received is available to view at CPBC/05 - Council Response to Comments Received in the Inspector Led Consultation [PDF]

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) personal data has been redacted in the representations published below.

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  • Adams Hendry on behalf of Oikos Storage Limited.pdf [0.09MB]
  • Andrea Ogden.pdf [0.09MB]
  • Andrew Thornton.pdf [0.09MB]
  • Angela Hamilton.pdf [0.15MB]
  • Beryl Haisman-Baker.pdf [2.30MB]
  • Canvey Island Green Belt Campaign.pdf [0.12MB]
  • Christine Peters.pdf [0.14MB]
  • Code Development Planners on behalf of This Land.pdf [0.80MB]
  • Dove Jeffery Homes.pdf [0.14MB]
  • Dr Robert Spink.pdf [0.16MB]
  • Essex County Council.pdf [0.17MB]
  • Gary Willis.pdf [0.21MB]
  • Hayley Robinson.pdf [0.83MB]
  • Highways England.pdf [0.20MB]
  • Icceni on behalf of McLaren Living.pdf [0.26MB]
  • Janet O'Connor.pdf [0.16MB]
  • Jean Andow 1 of 2.pdf [0.16MB]
  • Jean Andow 2 of 2.pdf [0.08MB]
  • Jim Wylde.pdf [0.21MB]
  • Johanne Deverrick.pdf [0.16MB]
  • John Driscoll.pdf [0.39MB]
  • John Knott.pdf [0.16MB]
  • John Park 1 of 2.pdf [0.19MB]
  • John Park 2 of 2.pdf [0.19MB]
  • Jonathan Pinnock.pdf [0.21MB]
  • June Fordham.pdf [0.08MB]
  • Kay Fogg.pdf [0.76MB]
  • Linda Brand.pdf [0.10MB]
  • Linda Stimpson.pdf [0.23MB]
  • Lisa Johnson.pdf [0.16MB]
  • Lynne Marriott.pdf [0.13MB]
  • Mandy Molyneux.pdf [0.10MB]
  • Marion Wells.pdf [0.15MB]
  • Mark Hamlett on behalf of 302 signatories.pdf [0.11MB]
  • Mr B.J Brazier.pdf [1.77MB]
  • Mr G.M Cassidy and Ms S.J Brown.pdf [0.17MB]
  • Mr and Mrs Benjamin.pdf [2.23MB]
  • Mrs G Sims.pdf [0.62MB]
  • Mrs J. E Dunford.pdf [0.25MB]
  • Mrs S White.pdf [0.10MB]
  • Mrs Tova Breach.pdf [0.10MB]
  • Ms M Keeble.pdf [0.18MB]
  • Paul Harris.pdf [1.61MB]
  • Pegasus on behalf of Redrow and Persimmon Homes.pdf [0.12MB]
  • Ray Hilton.pdf [0.11MB]
  • Rebecca Harris MP.pdf [0.44MB]
  • Robert Baillie on behalf of RAGE 1 of 2.pdf [0.17MB]
  • Robert Baillie on behalf of RAGE 2 of 2.pdf [0.27MB]
  • Robert Lillis.pdf [0.23MB]
  • Russ and Claire Savage.pdf [0.50MB]
  • Sarah Attrill.pdf [0.12MB]
  • Sharon Ainsley on behalf of JFAG.pdf [0.79MB]
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